Developing Your Psychic Abilities


Do you believe you have psychic abilities? If so, you are not alone; nearly everyone is born with a “sixth sense.” If you have a history of precognitive dreams that come true, or have found that you are capable of healing an illness or injury by channeling positive energy, or receive telepathic messages from friends or loved ones, you might be psychic. The truth is, that while some people are naturally gifted psychics, nearly all of us possess at least some skill for receiving non-visceral sensory input, meaning sensory experiences outside the norm of what we see, hear, touch, taste, or smell.

Psychic ability is like any other physical or mental skill. Using a sports anology, major league ball players may be few and far between, but most of us can play a game of softball with at least some skill. However, like any other skill you possess, to develop that skill requires practice, patience, and focus. Unfortunately, psychic gifts are often ridiculed by the mainstream, dismissing the belief in the existence of the paranormal or supernatural. Rather than embracing and nurturing our psychic abilities, many who do possess the gift learn to pretend they simply are “normal”, which is a shame.

Of course, there is also such a thing as too much input. Just as someone should not stare directly into the sun, opening yourself up to psychic input without knowing what is healthy and what is harmful would not be in your best interest. If you wish to develop your psychic talent, you should learn the precautions, just as you must buckle up your seat belt before starting your car. Here are a few steps to ensure a safe journey toward psychic development.

Believe in Your Abilities

If you already feel you possess psychic abilities, the first step in taking your talent to the next level is to acknowledge you have a gift. By accepting this gift, you give yourself permission to move forward with it. Even if you have not had any psychic experiences yet, opening your heart and mind to the possibility of receiving psychic information is like opening a window to let in the fresh air.

Find Your Focus

Once you are committed to developing your psychic skills, you’ll need to create a nurturing environment for your practice. Set aside both a place and time that are as free from distraction as possible. A space that’s uncluttered, quiet, and decorated in soothing colors is best for the free flow of psychic energy. Try to set aside a block of time every day to work on learning to focus. Choose a time during which you are least likely to be interrupted, and turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices. Soothing, ambient music may also be helpful in opening your sixth sense.

Practice and Be Patient

Even if you have had success making psychic connections in the past, the ability to tap into psychic energy is not a process that can be held as reliable. Your progress can vary due to a number of factors. Keep at it, and be consistent; welcome the signs of progress, and don’t become negative if the psychic connections don’t come as quickly as you’d like. Miracles don’t always happen overnight.

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

Most importantly, remember that there are good and bad forces of psychic energy flowing throughout the universe. When you open a window, it lets in the sunshine, but it can also allow destructive intruders into your psyche. When you open yourself to psychic phenomena, you are more likely to be receptive of good energy, but you are also more vulnerable to negative entities. One way to protect yourself is to visualize an open window, in front of which you have erected a “screen” of positive energy.

Trust Your Gut Instincts

As you become more adept at making a psychic connection, you will likely begin to have a heightened sense of awareness as to the nature of the psychic forces reaching out to you. If you feel that any of these forces have dark intentions towards you, you must keep them from attaching to you. Again, picture your psyche as a window, and if you feel the “screen” you have in place is not strong enough, simply close the window. Then, imagine yourself surrounded by healing white light, visualizing that light flowing through you, into Mother Earth, pulling the negativity along with it.

Find a Mentor

If you do feel that your defenses have been breached, get guidance from a trustworthy spiritual advisor before continuing on your journey of psychic discovery. They can help you stay on a healthy path to psychic enlightenment, and help rid you of negative influences that you may not yet be fully equipped to deal with.