CIA Psychic Ability Experiments

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From 1978 to 1995, the CIA operated a top-secret program code-named Stargate. The goal of this lofty endeavor was the creation of “psychic warriors”; an army possessed of superhuman abilities. These psychic soldiers would use their abilities to not only spy on enemy bases, but also gaze into the future and manipulate the physical reality.

The government allocated millions of dollars for this psychic warrior program; rigorous scientific methods deduced whether psychic powers were real. The fact is, the Central Intelligence Agency became convinced to engage psychics in hundreds of field operations.

The CIA spent 17 years on Stargate, and the results were good enough to convince even the most steadfast skeptics. While the Stargate program has ended, it’s certain that the CIA maintains an interest in the psychic world.

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Psychics Remotely Viewed Secret Documents

One way the CIA used psychics to remote view documents sealed inside envelopes and locked in buildings. The CIA tested the psychics by placing pictures inside sealed envelopes, then asking the psychics to describe them. Their responses were strangely accurate.

In one experiment, the CIA sent a message to a psychic by writing it on a piece of paper; the psychic read it word for word, from another building. In another experiment, a computer-generated random numbers, which a few of the psychics could accurately read.

The CIA also had their team of psychics remote view classified CIA documents. The psychics described the building where the documents were stored, the subjects of the documents, the color of the binders, and even descriptions of the people who had written them. The CIA concluded that their descriptions were “surprisingly accurate.”

“Remote viewing is a real phenomenon,” the CIA concluded, and that, “Psychic warriors have application potential.”

A Psychic Remote Views The History Of Mars

The CIA once ran an experiment designed to expose psychics as frauds. They assigned a psychic a remote viewing task; they asked the psychic to remote view the Planet Mars. 1 million years BC.

They expected the psychic to describe a landscape of Earth-like buildings and trees. Instead, the psychic described obelisks, pyramid-shaped objects, rugged mountains, and a strange-looking Sun. The mountains were described as, “yellowish, ochre-colored.” What she viewed confused the psychic. “The scale seems to be off. Everything’s big, it’s just really big.”

When the psychic went further back in time, she saw large, slender people wearing odd clothing. She followed these strange people into a place that had “very rounded walls and shiny metal.”

They’re dying,” the psychic revealed. “They’re looking for a way to survive but they can’t.” The fact was, their planet had started to die, and they had sent a crew out to find a new planet to live on. “It’s like space pictures. It’s all very cosmic.”

The CIA and Police Psychics

When the police began consulting psychics to solve crimes, the CIA took an interest.

CIA researchers called the police departments, and discovered that eight out of 11 departments who had employed psychics, were given “otherwise unknown information which was useful to the case.” They reported that psychics had found missing bodies in three cases.

The researchers concluded that psychic observations were generalized, and they must be correctly interpreted. Psychics could be used to decide which leads to focus on. Also, psychics were useful in finding missing persons.

Psychics Remote View a Major Hostage Crisis

By 1983, the CIA’s psychic warriors had been involved in 700 missions, and their insights were accurate 85% of the time.

The Iran hostage crisis brought the psychic warriors into the fray; they remote viewed to look in on the hostages. They were able to describe where the hostages were imprisoned, as well as what they were doing.

At the time Colonel William Higgins was taken hostage in Lebanon, the psychics discovered where he was imprisoned and described the building. They also reported on his captors’ movements. However, the CIA didn’t act on the information. Sadly, Higgins was executed by his captors, and when his body was recovered, it was found that the psychic was accurate.

Telekinesis Experiments

The CIA also took an interest in telekinetic abilities as well as teleportation. The CIA conducted several experiments involving stage psychic Uri Geller. In a tightly controlled experiment conducted by their most skeptical researcher, Geller mentally bent a strip of metal by 10 degrees.

But they didn’t stop with Geller. The CIA tested other psychics, including a 13-year-old boy who came with his parents. The boy, like Geller, had the ability to bend metal with his mind. In another experiment, the CIA found that renowned psychic Jean-Pierre Girard could use his mental powers to manipulate the thickness of a piece of metal, rather than bending the metal.

The Teleportation Ability of Zhang Baosheng

A Chinese man, Zhang Baosheng claimed he could move objects through walls without actually breaking through the wall.

In one experiment, researchers put pills inside a sealed bottle, then asked Zhang to remove them. Zhang stared intently at the bottle, and it started shaking violently enough that the pills broke in half. Suddenly, without ever breaking the seal, every pill was outside of the bottle and scattered across the table.

This incredible event was filmed at 400 frames per second. When researchers slowed the film down, they discovered a single frame, at 1/400th of a second, that revealed a pill protruding halfway through the side of the bottle; somehow, the pills had moved through the glass without breaking it.

The CIA report states that, “After such penetrations, the microscopic structure and properties of the objects do not have any observable changes. The experiment showed that Mr. Zhang Baosheng possesses paranormal abilities.”

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The Faith Healer’s Electric Aura

In the CIA archives is a document, translated from Russian, claiming that faith healers were real. The document discusses Kirlian photography; Kirlian photography can reveal the electric aura around an object.

The document claims that a faith healer visited Kirlian and when Kirlian tested the faith healer, the electric aura surrounding his finger was many times larger and more colorful than any that Kirlian had ever photographed.

In another test, the faith healer’s hands were found to have 3–5 times more electrical resistance than an average person. And when he placed his hands near someone, they emitted heat of 122 °F.

Spiritual healers could produce results through an increased electrical field. That field might alter the biological processes of the person or animal being healed.

Solar Flares Influence Psychic Abilities

The CIA conducted a six-year study to discover whether electromagnetic fields could bolster a person’s psychic powers. They measured changes in the stars and had their psychics stand next to a microwave. However, they discovered that solar flares produced the most dramatic results.

They found there was a significant and direct correlation between the success of CIA psychic experiments and the activity of the Sun. While sunspots triggered some difficulty in predicting events, solar flares produced the worst results.

When a solar flare occurred, the psychics typically performed badly. They would blunder through inaccurate predictions, with many errors. The next day, when there were no solar flares, they would perform better than ever. Typically, twenty-four hours after the solar flares were over, the psychics would get the best scores ever.

Psychics Can Predict The Future

The psychic warriors were sometimes able to predict what was going to happen in the future, and the CIA used this information in military operations.

In one very detailed experiment, one of the psychics described the targets transporting “tube-like objects” into a secret base. The description of the secret base was a “very good hit,” and the tubes were deemed as unconfirmed but “plausible.”

The CIA also psychics in Operation Desert Storm. During this operation, a psychic accurately predicted not only when airstrikes would occur, but also when it would rain. The psychic even foresaw the Iraqi invasion of Saudi Arabia two weeks before it happened.

There is no telling what secret programs the CIA might be running right now. But one thing is crystal clear; psychic warriors are not a joke, they can be a real weapon of war.