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Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

All of us search for someone who will love us, no matter what, looking for ‘the one’. Deep down, we all crave for such love. Although the idea of such love is often considered to be a fairytale, deep down in our hearts, we know that such love is possible; according to many spiritual teachings, […]

Advice On Keeping The Romance Alive!

Taking a vacation can be insufficient in bringing back the love which you had for your lifetime partner. Do more things than that by being a little bit sensitive to what the other person is feeling. With this effort, your partner will start warming up to you and you could start communicating on what really […]

Karmic Relationships

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone that you’ve just met? A sense of familiarity, that you simply couldn not explain? These chance meetings generally turn into serious, life altering relationships are certainly “karmic”. There are usually certain patterns common in these relationships. The following are all quite common patterns in Karmic realtionships: […]

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: What Makes Them So Special?

Take our Twin Flame and Soulmate Test here. People tend to use the term “soul mate” loosely; it’s generalized meaning describes someone who they feel connected to or deeply in love with. All of those can describe a soul mate relationship; however, not everyone we have these feelings for is a soul mate. In the […]

Seven Vital Steps To Attract Your Soul Mate

Before you can attract your soul mate, first you need to understand what and who a soul mate is. Your soulmate, the very one that is meant for you, can be your partner. They will be your best friend, your sunshine, your lover, your everything. And it doesn’t fade. The feeling you have with them […]

Three Tips to Find Your True Love With Online Dating

In the world of online dating, it’s too common for many to get caught in the “net” by others that are not true soul mates. Many relationships unnecessarily suffer emotional distress, heartache, and an ultimately end. Such relationships evolve from unhealthy online flirting on dating sites. There’s an antidote for those who have been affected […]

Four Steps to Turn a Negative Relationship into a Positive One

You’ve been leading a more conscious and spiritual life, creating positive energy in your home. Yet your partner doesn’t seem willing to come along with you on this journey. Your relationship seems to frequently take a negative turn, and no matter what you do, your partner continues being resistant to change. Here are four steps […]

Ten Things You Deserve in a Relationship

We know that no one is perfect, and everyone has their faults, but there are some things everyone deserves in a happy and healthy relationship. It can be easy to sweep the warning signs and red flags under the rug, but that usually ends in disaster. Below is a list of “relationship must-haves” for you […]

Five Myths About Love That May Be Hurting Your Relationship

Myth #1 Love just happens The myth of Cupid and his arrows has misled us into dreamy expectations and disconnected us from reality. Truth is, true love comes to those who are prepared to receive it. Are you prepared? Prepared to take a chance, to be vulnerable, to acknowledge your imperfections, to grow through your […]

How to Make Your Relationship Successful

What’s the best way to deal with a relationship issue? How can you maximize your relationship’s chance of success? There are three main factors to consider: First, treat it as valuable and precious. You want your relationship to work at its highest potential, and to fulfill your needs and desire to feel loved, and happy. […]