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What is Your Soul Group?

Have you ever meet someone, and felt as though you’ve known them for a long time, even though this was the first time you met? Have you ever had a connection with someone, where you could “read their mind”, and finish their sentences? It’s most likely, you have known these people for many lifetimes, and […]

Six Indications You Have Lived Before

Are we harboring hidden memories and pain from a previous life times? It may appear we have only come into this world for the first time, but it’s possible, we have lived before. The concept of reincarnation has existed for millenia, in both Western and Eastern philosophies. The theory that the soul reincarnates into different […]

Psychologists & Philosophers Agree: Relationships are the Key to Happiness

There is one thing psychologists and philosophers from all over the world, agree to be critical for long-lasting happiness. They all agree that strong relationships, whether it’s a childhood friend, family or a romantic partner, are the key to happiness. The value of relationships is underestimated in our modern society, especially relationships that were established […]

Feeling the Vibe: 5 Ways To Read Emotional Energy

Emotions are an expression of our energy, our “vibe”. We “feel the vibe” with our intuition, some people feel good to be around, and other people are draining, and you want to get away from them. You can feel this invisible, “subtle energy” inches or feet from the body. Hindu cultures honor this energy as […]

Six Important Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner

Try our Soulmate test here. We’ve all seen it in the movies; finding the perfect soulmate, the ONE who can connect with you, and understand you, on a level deeper than anyone else could ever hope to achieve. A life partner is a good friend and companion; trustworthy and dependable, someone you can count on […]

Is Your Soul Mate a Narcissist?

How can you tell if your soul mate is a narcissist? The term narcissist is an easy label for people in a relationship with selfish or childish person. Below is a list of signs that your partner may be a narcissist. However, keep in mind, these are just signs, and not a diagnosis. If your […]

These 14 Signs Could Mean You’re An Ambivert

You may have been asked, “are you an introvert or an extrovert?” But some of us don’t quite fit into either category, or we fit into the introvert/extrovert spectrum equally. There is a personality type that not many are aware of, and it may describe those who have both introverted and extroverted tendencies. Professor Adam […]

Karmic Relationships, Soul Mates and Twin Flames

All of us search for someone who will love us, no matter what, looking for ‘the one’. Deep down, we all crave for such a love. Although the idea of such a love is often considered to be a fairytale, deep down in our hearts, we know that such a love is possible; according to […]

Advice On Keeping The Romance Alive!

Taking a vacation can be insufficient in bringing back the love which you had for your lifetime partner. Do more things than that by being a little bit sensitive to what the other person is feeling. With this effort, your partner will start warming up to you and you could start communicating on what really […]

Karmic Relationships

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone that you’ve just met? A sense of familiarity, that you simply couldn not explain? These chance meetings generally turn into serious, life altering relationships are certainly “karmic”. There are usually certain patterns common in these relationships. The following are all quite common patterns in Karmic realtionships: […]