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The Border of Sleep: Hypnagogia

We are all familiar with the two basic states of consciousness: awake and asleep. But there is also an in-between state, known as hypnagogia. This is derived from the Greek words ‘hypnos’ (sleep) and ‘agogos’ (leading), which means, the state leading into sleep. Have ever taken a nap, and experienced a strange, trance state? This […]

The Signs of Synchronicity You Should Never Ignore

Sometimes small occurrences, that many consider just a mere coincidence, are actually synchronicities. For example, you were planning on calling good friend, and just as you are thinking about it, that friend calls you. You may wonder how was this possible? You must understand that synchronicity is a function of our interconnectedness with the rest […]

9 Steps To Lucid Dreaming

Some people think they never dream, simply because they don’t remember their dreams; but the truth is, everyone dreams. Researchers published findings in the Journal of Sleep Research, proving that people who think they don’t dream do dream. The researchers concluded that dreaming is universal, while dream recall is variable. On the opposite end of […]

Four Top 4 Signs of Communication From Spirits

Before you attempt to communicate with either a deceased love one, or other type of disincarnate spirit, there are a few things to keep in mind… Your loved ones in spirit, as well as your ancestors, may reach out from the spirit realm, to make contact with you. Spirits may do this because they want […]

Five Magickal Properties of Crystals

Crystals and gemstones carry a pure form of energy, can be powerful healing tools. In fact, each gemstone and crystal has its own personality and maybe even, its own form of consciousness. Following are 5 observable magickal properties of crystals and gemstones: Crystals Have A Form of Consciousness “In crystal we have the clear evidence […]

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The Ancient Art of Dream Divination Renewed

Every dream has a hidden message, a subconscious need that must be heard. Your dreams are an outlet for your creative inspiration, your fantasies, and an intimate tool to nurture your personal evolution. Dreams are a subconscious mystery, urging us to better understand our life, and it’s purpose. When we are familiar with the hidden […]

Tarot Cards: A Gateway to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Tarot Decks are cards with rich visual imagery with a clear message to spark your intuition. Tarot offers a source of easily accessed information, which can guide your decisions and support your path. Often, the message of the card will be very clear. Tarot cards can offer a method of glimpsing into the future to […]

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