Avoiding the Fake Soulmate Trap

false soulmate

Let’s discuss the Fake Soulmate. This is something that nearly everyone looking for love eventually falls into.

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What is a Fake Soulmate?

Essentially, a fake soulmate happens when we make a decision to find love, and we begin to create a picture of what that soulmate will look like.

Creating a Fake Soulmate

We create a kind of checklist with all of the attributes, qualities, and characteristics that our envisioned soulmate has. We also imagine how it feels to have this incredible person in our lives.

As soon as we get a clear picture of what we want, we open our hearts, clearing our blocks to love. The Universe soon responds with someone who closely matches all of the qualities on your list. Unfortunately, many people will accept this without hesitation, because they want very badly for it to be true. They truly believe they’ve found their Soulmate.

However, after the initial excitement wears off, you’ll slowly begin to realize they are definitely not the one. Your relationship no longer flows. The emotional connection and the chemistry is over, and something feels wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. Yet, since you’ve told everyone of your family and friends this is your soulmate, you will do anything to make it work. Sadly, no matter how hard you try, how much you change and try to please them, the relationship breaks your heart. Finally, all alone, you must find the courage to confront the truth; they are not “The One”.

What Went Wrong?

The sad truth is, you were so desperate for love, you were too needy and impatient, that you claimed your soulmate too quickly.

If you step back to observe nature and the way life really works, you’ll see that everything grows in stages. Things don’t simply manifest out of thin air. For example, if you want to plant flowers, simply writing out a list of flowers is not going to grow anything.

The truth is, you need to prepare the earth, plant the seeds, water and care for them. The process of manifesting true love is also subject to different stages of growth. Slow down, and first understand these stages to avoid a fake soulmate.

The First Stage is Attraction

This stage begins the moment you commit to:

Manifesting your soulmate with the energy of hope, faith, and optimism that your soulmate is really out there and that nothing can keep you apart.

Becoming clear about the key attributes, qualities, and characteristics that your soulmate possesses.
Developing the gifts of love that you have inside you.

De-cluttering your heart and your mind by releasing the past and making room for your soulmate to enter into your life.

Stop the habit of feeling incomplete, desperate or needy.

At this stage, you re magnetizing yourself for love. The key is to keep your energy high and move through your life confidently. Know in your heart that nothing can keep your soulmate away from you.

Don’t ask yourself, “Who will love me?”, but rather, “How can I radiate love?”

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The Dating Stage

However awkward, you can’t avoid this is a stage. This is the stage where you begin to get to know each other. During this stage, you will meet and try out different people to see if they’re a good fit. Don’t make any commitments; you’re just trying things out, making connections and just having fun.

Move through this stage with the confidence that you’ll find love. Likewise, easily release anyone who really isn’t for you. It’s easy because you realize that you don’t have to settle for less. You know that your One is out there, and nothing can keep you apart.

Don’t ask yourself “Is this my soulmate?”, but rather, ask yourself “What is the most loving thing I can do for both myself, and the person I’m dating?”

The dating stage continues until you find someone who is really good for you. Someone with a natural flow, someone who is available. You have real chemistry and you enjoy being with each other enough to move to the next stage.

The Stage of Commitment

This is when you consciously make the commitment to be an exclusive couple. However, you’re not necessarily committed for the rest of your life. Set your own parameters for what your relationship will and won’t allow. You are committed to the kind of relationship that works for both of you, one that allows for freedom, love, and creativity. Continue to date and get to know each other, remain cautious and take things slowly.

Don’t ask yourself “What will I get from this person?”, but ask “How can I share my gifts with this person?”

The Real Soulmate Stage

After dating and commitment, you decide to get married or make a formal commitment to this person. You realize that you’ve come together for a greater purpose, and that purpose is uplifting the world with your love. Together, the two of you can bring greater love into the world. It’s greater than the love you have individually had you not come together. Your love inspires everyone you come into contact with.
Ask yourself, “How can our Love continue to inspire us, while we inspire others?”


Ultimately, a fake soulmate relationship will not work out. The truth is, a soulmate relationship requires great patience, time and commitment. It requires work. The truth is, a soulmate relationship brings out not only your best qualities, but also your biggest insecurities and fears.

The journey towards real love is ultimately a journey where you and another open to the greatest mysteries of life and love. You do this consciously, because that’s what both of you want and what your hearts crave. Ultimately, the fruits of the truth of your love will make the world a better place.

Slow down, and enjoy every step along the way to true love. Be patient. Take your time to really know someone, before you jump into believing you have met The One.