Are You an Earth Angel? The 27 Signs You Are.

An Earth Angel is a angelic, spiritual being, who has incarnated into the physical realm, to spread the light and peace of Heaven, throughout a world engulfed in darkeness chaos.

Some people believe that the origin of Earth Angels is heaven sent, while others believe they are simply human souls like any other, but more highly advanced and evolved. Wherever they come from, Earth Angels serve as a source of comfort, healing, inspiration and hope, for all of those around them.

Are you an Earth Angel? Here are 27 signs that you are!

1. You have a deep aversion to violence, and find watching action movies, horror movies, and violent video games nearly impossible, and very disturbing.

2. You need to spend time in nature, and feel at peace after a hike, and often seek refuge near bodies of water.

3. You are very creative, whether it’s art, music, science, or literature, you prefer to process your emotions through a creativity.

4. You question authority, and may be a rebel, a loner, or both.

5. You may or may not identify with an organized religion, but your personal spirituality is very important.

6. You often feel disconnected from modern culture, and TV shows, popular music, and trendy fashions don’t interest you.

7. You are easily overwhelmed, avoiding loud places, crowds, and areas of conflict.

8. You are an “animal person”, and animals are drawn to you, like and trust you.

9. You work in a humanitarian field, through your job, volunteering, or spiritually.

10. You are an activist, donating your time, money or talent to causes you find important.

11. You don’t buy into the culture of consumerism.

12. You feel that modern society is isolating in a way that’s not healthy.

13. You have endured trauma in your life, and managed to heal and grow from it. You emerged from trauma with a greater sense of understanding and empathy.

14. You feel a connection with small children, and can even get the shy ones to come out of their shells.

15. You may have created a “spiritual retreat” at home, that feels very comfortable and safe.

16. Your heart and soul speak to you much louder than your brain does.

17. You have a deep sense of purpose, feeling called to help a particular group of people, or to help all people.

18. You feel drawn to pregnant women, and can often sense if a woman is pregnant before she is showing, or accurately guess the baby’s gender.

19. You have a tendency to absorb the emotions of others.

20. You enjoy spending time alone, and may be an introvert.

21. You have an interest in politics, but may need to limit the degree to which you engage, because too much political talk can effect you emotionally, to a very uncomfortable degree.

22. You don’t like the fast pace and goal driven nature of modern society.

23. You like to garden, even if it’s just a few houseplants. You feel a strong desire to grow and nurture plants, as way to bring life to the earth.

24. You have a strong sense of intuition, and you wisely know to follow it.

25. You have a commitment to environmental causes, and you strive to live in an environmentally friendly way.

26. Racism, sexism, and other forms of injustice anger you, and make you feel sad. They seem to touch you personally, even if you are not a part of, or familiar with the group being discriminated against.

27. You would rather live a life that is fulfilling, rather than that would be considered to be successful.