Are Autistic Individuals Psychic and Telepathic?

autism psychic telepathy

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Research now suggests that a number of children who’ve been diagnosed on the autism spectrum actually may have psychic and telepathic abilities. However, these autistic kids may not always be able to show these abilities outwardly. Moreover, what’s really occurring inside their minds may tell an intriguing story about the true psychic abilities they may possess.

Science used to believe that autistic children did not have the cognitive and verbal ability to communicate normally. But now, science suggests that those with autism may have a unique “skill set.” In other words, their brains may have hidden mental abilities, including possible telepathy.

Scientific Evidence

Practicing neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Diane Powell, M.D., has long experience in this unusual field. In fact, Dr. Powell has studied human consciousness for years, especially in autistic persons and others with special abilities. Furthermore, Dr. Powell claims there is strong evidence that non-verbal autistic children have the telepathic ability.

In one experiment, an autistic child was given a number of math equations, and then instructed to choose numbers and match them on a computer screen. This autistic child had a 100% success rate. A control group of normal children only achieved an average 90% success rate. Dr. Powell believes this demonstrates a unique ability autistic kids have to mentally achieve when given the opportunity.

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Other tests with autistic children show that they often function beyond the normal parameters that we can observe with science. In fact, the methods of silent autistic communication have been studied as part of “telepathic sender” and “telepathic receiver” experiments. These experiments revealed the possible existence of a non-physical, paranormal, world that science is only beginning to tap into and understand. However, our autistic brothers and sisters may naturally tap into this interdimensional realm, communicating through it.

Mainstream science believes this type of research lacks credibility. However, para-psychological research suggests that telepathic and psychic ability among autistic people is real. As more and more autistic kids are born into this world, the possible society changes will be interesting.