What Is Astral Projection & How Can You Achieve It?

You go to bed, shut your eyes, and suddenly, you open your eyes to find you’re hovering over your body! You’re conscious, but it’s not the physical body you typically identify with, but it’s the “real you”, your soul.

As you look down at your body, and you realize you can move, as if you’re flying. You say goodbye to your body, and begin to travel, perhaps to the other side of the world. This is a type of astral projection, commonly referred to as an “out of body experience.”

Some experience astral projection during a dream-like state, and others have experienced this as a near-death experience. Some are terrifyied, and others find the experience exhilerating, knowing they can travel through the physical plane using only their astral bodies.

Astral projection is a term that describing when the soul leaves the physical body. and enters the astral body. During astral projection, you will be consciously aware of it.

It’s believed that astral projection can be achieved either through dreaming, deep meditation, or in rare occasions, during wakefulness. It’s believed the Akashic Records can be accessed from this astral state, and an astral projector can also travel through time, and even communicate with other beings, such as angels, or sometimes with other astral projectors they meet, while out of body.

Astral projection is very different from dreaming, even lucid dreaming. During a lucid dream, you are conscious of the fact that you’re dreaming, and can manipulate the scenarios, and control your dreams. But when you’re astral projecting, your soul literally leaves the body, and you under conscious control of it.

Techniques for Having an Out-of-Body Experience

You can try using certain techniques, to help yourself have an out-of-body experience (OBE). If you’re interested in trying to astral project, try the following techniques:

The Rope Technique

You need to visualize an invisible rope hanging from the top of your ceiling, directly over your body. Next, imagine that you’re reaching out with your “astral hands”, and slowly pull yourself up the imaginary rope. You may feel dizzy, but keep concentrating on climbing the rope, hand over hand, very slowly, and don’t stop until you’ve freed your astral body.

Watch Yourself Falling Asleep

This method needs you to tell yourself that you’re going to watch yourself fall asleep, and stay conscious during the process, including as you enter the dream state. Recognize every sensation as your physical body falls asleep, as this will help you remain conscious.

As you fall deeper into a dream like state, you may experience some buzzing and heaviness. Use this to help you stay conscious, and visualize yourself floating above your body. Continue to visualize this until you reach the point of OBE.

Wake Back to Bed Method

Set your alarm for a few hours before your usual wake up time, but don’t get up when the alarm goes off, simply shut it off, and lay back down once your mind is awake. Keep your alarm clock close by, so you barely need to move your body to shut it off. Your body will be close to falling back to sleep, but your mind will be awake.

Next, envision yourself astral projecting, while allowing your body to go back to sleep. Try to remain conscious, but allow your body to get heavier and deeper into a sleep state. Focus on floating above your body, until you’re astral projecting.