A free Wicca Magic Spell to protect yourself or your home from negative influences

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Egyptian black cat candle
2 protection candles
Frankincense & Myrrh incense
shiva lingam stone
lemon oil
protection spell bath salts
myrrh oil
frankincense oil
dandelion leaf
rose hips
fennel seed
sandlewood chips

Mix the dandelion and rose hips, and draw a line with it down the center of your altar. Next, mix the fennel and sandlewood, and draw another line, crossing the first. Annoint the black cat candle with lemon oil, and set it at the top of the cross. Annoint one protection candle with myrrh, and set it on the right arm of the cross. Annoint the other with frankincence, and set it at the left arm of the cross. Place the shiva lingam stone at the center. This drives a symbolic wedge into the negativity’s power. Call your guardian angel or other protector spirit into the cat. Ask the spirit guides to supercharge the lingam with protective powers. Light the candles, burn the incence, and say this incantation:

unwanted spirits I call thee
I call thee into the light
guardian spirits I call thee
I call thee to the fight
herb and candle burn away
lingam stone will clear the way
go back to where you need to be
leave my home just to me

While the candles, herbs and stone aid your guardian spirit in trapping the negativity, take a bath with the protection spell bath salts. Completely release any tension and fear, and know the forces of good will protect you.
Let the candles burn down completely. Take the old wax, and the herbs, and cast them into a fire. Keep the lingam stone in a high place, near the center of your home, for further protection.

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