8 Ways To Unlock Your Intuition

There are times when we feel like we might be contacted by some higher power, something that has a message for us. All of us had that experience at least once in life, and most of the time, we try to ignore it. However, that inner guidance is the most important tool we have, to navigate in life.

We are talking about the intuition, and real intuition can sometimes be overwhelming. There can be times in life in when intuition can be so powerful, that it’s incomprehensible. When you use intuition daily, even for small things, you can almost always make the right choices in your life. And the best part is, the more we use our intuition, it improves, and it comes more naturally, without effort.

Intuition is the language most things in nature communicate through, it’s the universal language that humanity has forgotten. Remember the tale of the Tower of Babel?

Shamans and psychics can tap into this dormant part of the subconscious mind, in order to communicate with Spirit Guides, Cosmic intelligence, and transmit information from the ‘higher’ levels of consciousness.

Each of us has the ability to be intuitive. Once this ability was our main language, it will help us to survive. Are you ready to unlock the intuitive energy that you have locked inside you?

Connect With Yourself

What does it mean to connect with yourself? It simply means to be in harmony with yourself. This harmony allows you to be who you really are, and that is crucially important to know how to your intuition. Only when you can be really honest with yourself, you will be able to more easily connect to with your soul.

Stay In The Now

When you are trying to connect with your intuition, you need to be present in the moment. Only when you are in the NOW, with your body and mind, can you receive the intuition about whatever is happening in that moment. We don’t want to live in the past or the future. The NOW is the best moment for any intuition.

Use Your Senses

All of us have five senses; to see, to hear, to taste, to smell and to touch. We use these senses all the time, and by using the five senses all at once, we can receive a lot more information than we are aware of. Try to take in all the sensory stimuli at once, and perceive the big picture. Practice this daily, to sharpen your intuition.

Feel The Vibes

Try to feel the vibrations as they come to you, in your physical body. When we are in the present moment, and we use our senses, we can let the intuitive vibrations inform us.

Trust “Gut” Feelings

After feeling the intuitive vibrations, feel the “gut feeling”. Connect with it.

Let The Spirit Guide You

When you are connected with the “vibes” and gut feelings, let your spirit guide you, and let your Self find the answers you need. Your soul will understand the message.

Feel The Intuitive Energy

Stay with it, and feel the intuitive energy inside your body. Let it be for a while.

Be Aware

Be aware of your connection with your inner world, with your senses, be aware of the present moment, be aware of the vibes, and be aware what your gut feeling is telling you. Suddenly, you will KNOW what your intuition is telling you!

By following these steps, you will know what your intuition is trying to tell you. By listening to your intuition, you are listening to the ‘higher intelligence’ that are attempting to guide you.

Practice makes it perfect, so start practicing your intuition today!

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