7 Signs You’re Receiving Spiritual Messages You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your mind not only produces thoughts, but it acts as a receiver too. Cosmic information is all around us, and in fact, we are pieces of this Cosmic information. Everything comes from the same source; you, the Earth, the Cosmos, and everything is connected energetically to everything else.

The way we live our lives can push us away from our Cosmic purpose, and that is why, the Cosmic Intelligence will send us messages, to guide us back towards our life’s purpose. Sometimes, these Cosmic messages can lead us to revolutionary ideas the world hasn’t yet seen.

We all receive Cosmic Information from time to time, but many people are not aware when these messages come into their lives, and most get ignored. Here is how to know when you are receiving Cosmic Information.


According to some, your soul goes into another dimension while you dream. This is the dream world, a world between your unconscious mind, and everyday reality. In this world, you can receive important messages from your own subconsciousness, and from the Cosmic Intelligence. Dreams in which you receive new ideas, insights and advice about things you couldn’t possibly know, are a sure sign of Cosmic Information.

A Sudden Inspiration

An inspiration is a signal to do something, or to create something, and usually comes when you start scratching at the surface of a subject you have a strong interest in. Sudden inspiration is a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information, ans you’re receiving mental stimulation to do something that will lead you back to your life’s purpose.

Gravitating Towards an Idea

You may be conversing with your friends, or day dreaming with your own thoughts, but whatever you do, there is a certain idea that keeps coming up. This is a sure sign Cosmic Intelligence wants to steer your attention towards something you need to focus on.

A Subconscious Sign

You are watching a movie, when you suddenly hear something that answers a question you’ve been concerned with, or you hear a song with a message you needed to hear. You could see a street sign or bumper sticker that resonates with something you’ve been wondering about. All these examples, and more, are ways the Cosmic Intelligence is guiding your subconsciousness mind to communicate with you.

A Surge of Emotion

Cosmic Information does not only come as thought, sometimes the information is abstract and emotional. This kind of information can give you the deepest answers you need. A sudden surge of emotions, usually followed by a sense of motivation and clarity, is a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information.


Geometry is the language of The Universe, and there are certain shapes that hold powerful messages for each person. Having a certain shape appearing again and again in your life, is a sign there is a message you need to understand. Numbers, shapes, and even letters, are all geometry, and anything that reappears should be carefully considered.


Feeling love, not for any particular person or thing, but for everything around you, is one of the highest states you can be in. This is the state in which your body’s receptors for Cosmic Light are activated, enabling you to absorb the Cosmic Energy, and receive its information, upgrading your DNA.

Coming to this state of unconditional love sometimes happens suddenly, and you don’t even know why, you just feel like you love everyone and everything. This is a sure sign you are receiving Cosmic Information!