23 Signs You May Have Found Your Twin Flame Relationship

twin flame relationship

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Within the metaphysical community, the term twin flame relationship is becoming very familiar, especially as the number of twin flame relationships steadily increase. These profound, love relationships are very likely here to help the world with unique, balancing energy. Also, these spiritual, loving pairs bring powerful perspectives to all they endeavor to create.

Your twin flame is literally your soul’s other half, which was separated before this current human incarnation. Until quite recently, most twin flame souls did not incarnate at the same time. On the contrary, they took turns incarnating through respective lifetimes. However, currently, twin flames are incarnating together, with the special purpose of balancing Universal energies, moving our world forward.

Many soulmate connections also feel very familiar, so how do you know whether you’ve really found your twin flame?

Below is a list of 23 signs of a twin flame relationship.

1. You had visions, or dreams of this relationship before you ever met in this lifetime.

2. When you met your partner, it felt like “coming home”. After your meeting, you had a past life or future life memories with this person.

3. Your partner mirrors your own concerns, issues, concerns, and imbalances, but also complements your skills and talents. You are the ultimate yin/yang couple.

4. At least one of you is a higher frequency. This could mean an Indigo or Crystal or is genetically related to one.

5. You could be different ages, or very different backgrounds, religions or cultures, but you feel a unity or sense of oneness with your partner.

6. You empathically feel each other’s symptoms and emotions, even when you are not physically near, or in communication.

7. You feel impaired when you’re separated from your twin flame. It may be physically and mentally painful when you’re not together.

8. When you are together, and your relationship is in balance, you become stronger. You feel more capable and powerful than ever. You feel united in a mission to serve others and the world.

9. Your partner may have a habit, quality, or past that would normally be a put-off. However, you are willing to work through it with your partner. Your unconditional love is worth it.

10. You met your partner when one or both of you were in another relationship, or unavailable. You may have met when and where you least expected it.

11. Either of you may have been fearful of the power of the twin flame connection. Consequently, you or your partner ran from the relationship, to avoid feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. Years may pass before you are both in the finally able to commit fully to the relationship.

12. The partner who ran away from the twin flame relationship finally realizes the relationship’s significance. Moreover, this realization comes as the result of a loss, or a personal catastrophe. They finally realize there is no priority more important than their twin flame.

13. No matter how many times you separate, something brings you back together. There are “signs” of the twin connection everywhere, pushing you back together.

14. Your relationship has extreme highs and lows.

15. In order to balance each other, you test each other’s limits, as no one else has.

16. Friends and family may not relate to your twin flame dramas. They may encourage you to move on.

17. The spiritual growth and the person you become is more significant and happens faster than any period of growth in your life.

18. You come to the realization that your previous soulmate relationships prepared you for this twin flame reunion. Your twin flame may even have a number of the characteristics or attributes of your previous relationships.

19. You feel as if you’ve waited your whole life for this relationship. Looking back at your life, you see sabotaged relationships, or situations because you were still waiting for your Twin Flame.

20. Even if you are tired of life here on earth, you mature, evolve, heal and continue life. You do this just to experience life with your twin flame partner.

21. You feel like an “old soul” and feel like this is your last human incarnation.

22. The more time you spend with your twin flame partner, the faster you awaken to higher consciousness.

23. You have a deep feeling that your twin flame partner is your destiny. Furthermore, it’s not just in this lifetime, but also when you ascend and are reunited with eternity.

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