16 Indications of a False Twin Flame

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The twin flame relationship is one that we all hope to encounter during our lifetime. You may have many soulmates, but only one twin soul. A twin soul is the mirror image of your own soul, a complimentary better half, vibrating at the same spiritual frequency. But strangely, it’s not always easy to recognize your true twin soul; unfortunately, there are negative forces in our world, that wish to retard our spiritual advancement, and a “false twin soul” may appear, to distract you from your true spiritual path.

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It’s very common to fall into a relationship with a false twin soul. This can happen when we fall in love with a person you think is perfect for you, but gradually works to take us off our spiritual path, and eventually separates you from your true self.

Our platonic soulmate friends, or a spiritual counselor, can help us to recognize the karma we have created, due to our poor choices, and clear that Karma, so we can be ready for our true twin flame.

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The following 16 issues will help you to distinguish between the true and the false twin flame.

1. False and True Twin Flames Seem Very Similar

When you finally find your true twin flame, you will see that the person you previously thought was your true twin flame had many of the same superficial characteristics. This superficiality blinded you to the deeper truth.

2. A False Twin Flame Will Bring Up the Problems of Your Past

A relationship with a false twin flame will keep the problems, mistakes and worries of your past alive, in a never ending loop. In a relationship with your true twin flame, the problems you have will relate to what you want to happen in your future, and how to accomplish your goals.

3. A False Twin Flame Will Gradually Drive You to Help Only Them. The True Twin Will Help You to Help Others

False twin flames come into our lives during periods of self-consciousness, when we need to make some kind of change within ourselves. True twin flames appear when we are ready to expand our spiritual power, and make change in the world around us.

4. The Commitment of a False Twin Flame Withers as Difficulties Arise, But the Commitment of a True Twin Flame Grows

When problems arise, the true commitment of your relationship will be revealed. False twin flames will abandon you, because it’s too difficult for them to deal with. The true twin flame will be prepared to go the distance, and make the relationship work.

5. A False Twin Flame Will Ultimately Cause Anxiety and Even Suspicion, but a Real Twin Flame Makes You Feel Like Home

You will feel especially comfortable with your true twin flame. You will not only be lovers, but the best of friends, and you’ll feel at home, when you are together, no matter where you are.

6. You Won’t Know Where the Connection with a False Twin Flame Will Go, But the Connection with Your True Twin Flame Will Always be Clear, Despite Difficulties

While the connection with a true twin flame can be tumultuous, and punctuated with occasional break ups, the break ups with a false twin flame will likely be long term or permanent.

7. Your False Twin Flame Will Cause Feelings of Doubt, But a Real Twin Flame Will Cause Feelings of Security

One of the most profound signs of a false Twin Flame is a feeling of constant uncertainty concerning not only the relationship, but yourself. While it may seem like this relationship measures up to all your criteria, there will always be a small inner voice asking the question, “is this real?” This will not happen with a real twin flame.

8. A False Twin Flame Will Come Into Your Life at Times of Your Awakening. A True Twin Flame Will Come Into Your Life When it’s Your Time to Arise

A false twin flame may appear during times of your personal spiritual awakening, in order to throw you off your path, and impede growth. While we are never finished “awakening” or growing, we will reach a point in which we are solid within ourselves. That is when it will be possible to encounter our true twin flame.

9. A False Twin Flame Will Cause You to Doubt if You are Really Destined to Be Together, But The True Twin Flame’s Intentions Will Be Clear From the Beginning

The false twin flame will seem somewhat unattainable, you will need to constantly work to maintain the relationship. But the relationship with the true twin flame will work naturally, without much effort.

10. A False Twin Flame Will Give You a False Relationship, But a Relationship With a True Twin Flame Will Be Real

You will be heart broken to realize that your false twin flame has the same “magical” relationship with everyone else they hook up with. Your real twin flame will never have experienced such a relationship, and will be aware of this intimate fact.

11. A False Twin Flame Will Be Jealous of Your Success, But the True Twin Flame Will Be Inspired By It

False twin flames are sent to hamper your growth, and when you begin to advance, your fake twin flame will try to make you feel guilty, or worse, actively work to undermine you. The real twin flame will be happy for you, and will also help you to succeed.

12. A False Twin Flame Will Highlight What You Need to Change, But a Real Twin Flame Will Highlight What You Need to Succeed

A false twin flame will come to you at the beginning of your awakening, and during the course of the relationship, will uncover old wounds and reinforce old habits that hinder your success. A true twin flame will not pick at the pain of your past, but will help you understand what you need to have a fulfilling life.

13. A False Twin Flame Will Force You to Awaken Alone, But a Real Twin Flame Will Awaken With You

The relationship with a false twin flame will cause you to awaken because of the conflict, but the relationship with a true twin flame will awaken both partners together.

14. You Will have a Shared Vision With Your True Twin Flame

Your false twin flame will steer your time and energy, and even money, to fulfill their dreams, while trying to convince you, their dream is also your dream. While you may not agree on everything with a real twin flame, you will make compromises, and support each other.

15. You Will Wonder Why the False Twin Flame Happened to You, But You Will Know Why With Your True Twin Flame

When you are in a relationship with a false twin flame, you will wonder why you feel so much emotional pain. But with your true twin flame, you will be able to loveingly work through difficulties, and mature spiritually, both as partners and individuals.

16. A False Twin Flame Will Make Excuses That Do Not Obligate Them to You

The relationship with a true twin flame will become solid, despite any obstacles to it. There won’t be any time barriers or obstacles, that could dissuade a real twin flame that you should not be together, and start a relationship.

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