Essential Oil Recipes

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essential oil recipesKing Tut’s Egyptian Essence When the tomb of King Tut came to light, amongst the riches was a small, alabaster jar, containing a fragrant “ungent”. Scientists analyzed it, and found it to contain an animal fat, and the resins of frankincense, and a rare, precious plant called spikenard. Spikenard was not native to Egypt or the Mediteranean- it was imported all the way from Tibet! Step back in time, and enjoy the aromatherapy of the Pharohs.

One ounce evening primrose oil
6 drops of essential oil of spikenard
6 drops of essential oil of frankincense

A Wiccan Potion for Attracting Love
for women to wear
1 ounce Sweet Almond oil
6 drops sandalwood
3 drops ylang ylang
3 drops ginger
2 drops patchouli

for men to wear
1 ounce Grape Seed oil
6 drops sandalwood
3 drops cinnamon
3 drops patchouli

Aromatherapy for Depression
In one ounce of your favorite carrier oil, combine:
Coriander 3 drops
Patchouli 2 drops
Bergamot 1 drop

You can use this as a personal fragrance to uplift your spirits, but also try using it with a diffuser or scent ring to bring peace of mind to your environment.

Aromatherapy for Fatigue
in one ounce of your favorite carrier oil combine:
3 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Orange
2 drops Lavender
You can use this as a fragrance- try applying it to your “third eye”, or your lower back! You can also use it in a diffuser to add an uplifting, sunny scent to a room.

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