What is the Power of an Earth Empath?

An empath is a highly sensitive individual, who have a tendency to absorb the emotional energy of others into their bodies. Empaths can also have an intimate communion with nature, including the Earth, plants, and animals.

The positive side to being an empath is the deep, nourishing feeling when all is positive, wholesome, and healthy in others, and the world. The negative side is that empaths can become anxious and burned out from sensory overload, especially when confronted with negative people and situations. If you are an empath, the key to nurturing your intuitive connection is to develop your ability to center, as well as spiritual protection strategies, setting clear boundaries, and taking alone time.

An earth empath is a unique type of empath who is very attuned to the natural world, as well as Earth’s changes. The beauty of nature can be exhilarating and energizing to earth empaths, and on the other hand, a polluted environment can make them feel ill or depressed.

How do you know if you are an earth empath?

If you are highly sensitive and intuitive regarding the Earth’s changes, and you feel it in your body. What happens to the Earth feels intimately connected to your body. The health and beauty of the earth can nourish and sustain you. The tides of the ocean can affect everyone, but it especially affects you. You are sensitive to weather changes, and the amount of sunlight. Earth empaths may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), feelng depressed during the winter, when the days are shorter.

The earth and its elements feel like family. The sun and moon have always been your companions. But ironically, earth empaths can have a hard time adjusting to life on this planet, needing to connect to the earth’s energy, so that they can more fully inhabit their bodies.

If you’re an earth empath, you can feel anxious, or have health problems, when the environment is harmed or destroyed. Your body feels intimately connected to the Earth, and you experience environmental changes as if they were happening to you. An earth empath can have premonitions about natural disasters, or feel them in their bodies as they are occurring, even if the event is hundreds of miles away. If you identify as an earth empath, try to be aware of how your body reacts to dramatic environmental events, such as earthquakes, forest fires or tsunamis. You can then put your feelings into context.

As an Earth empath, you may also have a sensitivity to solar flares. These are magnetic storms on the sun, and they can effect the magnetic fields around the earth, and our bodies. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados seem to occur after an intense solar activity. During these solar events, you may experience mood swings, feelings of anxiety, headaches, or heart palpitions, and studies have shown, a correlation between solar events and an increase in depression, anxiety, and episodes of bipolar disorder. Riots, revolutions, and social unrest are also associated with solar flares. The sun is responsible for all life on earth, and when it goes through changes, we feel it.

To stay healthy as an earth empath, you need to frequently re-connect with the Earth. Regularly spend time by the ocean, in the forest or mountains, where you can commune with nature, and feel at home. To deepen your connection to the Earth, eat clean, healthy, organic foods; a junk food diet isn’t just bad for you because it has toxic ingredients, it also separates you from the Earth. Also practice Earth grounding; lie down flat on the earth, and soak up the positive energy and strength. You can also wade or swim in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Gaze at the stars, and walk barefoot on the grass. To communicate with the Earth, you can tune in by asking, “What do you feel?” then opening to any impression that come to mind.

In Native American traditions, earth medicine is the healing that Mother Earth provides. As an earth empath, you can practice earth medicine by treasuring and protecting our precious planet. This is your purpose, and a way for you to feel happy, healthy, and whole. Mother Earth is to be revered and cared for.

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