Ten Ways to Improve Your Psychic Intuition

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Most people are brought up to ignore their intuition, and their psychic potential eventually fades and goes to waste. Few people realize that they have psychic abilities, some more than others, but everyone have some degree of intuition nonetheless. These psychic skills can be developed; you need little more than inner peace and meditation to keep your psychic abilities strong. Without following certain steps, however, even gifted psychics would begin to lose their abilities. These ten steps will help you improve your psychic abilities:

Believe in Yourself

Negative thoughts hamper your psychic abilities, it’s important to have faith, and stay positive. You will meet your psychic goals in time. Find inspiration whenever and wherever you can, read about others who perfected their psychic abilities, and use their experiences to keep learning. Let go of any skepticism you have, and allow yourself to trust in your own natural psychic powers, as well as in the power of the supernatural. There is no room for doubt while you learn psychic skills.

Take Time to Meditate

To fall into a deep state of meditation, most people breathe slowly and deeply, while fousing on on their breath. Not only will this clear your mind, but meditation will actually change your brain wave patterns. This decreases your metabolic rate, and relieves tension. Meditation also can temporarily alter your prefrontal cortex, for higher mental functioning, and boosting your energy levels; this is exactly what you need to get in touch with your spiritual side. Just breathe, and meditate.

Resolve Issues Between You and Others

People can’t get in tune with their psychic gifts, unless they are at peace with themselves, and with others. Avoid arguing, and quickly resolve conflict in your life. Learn to argue constructively, work towards a positive resolution. Meditation is more difficult when you have personal drama in your life.

Do Not Use Your Psychic Abilities for Personal Gain

Your God-given gifts are meant to help other people. You have to make the choice to use your psychic gifts for good. People who use their psychic abilities selfishly tend to lose them. Psychic abilities are not gifted to anyone for winning money or anything of the sort. Always consider whether or not you’re using your abilities for good.

Overcome Your Fears

Psychic ability and other supernatural phenomena can be frightening at times, but fear will hinder your abilities even more than negativity. If you want to get in touch with your psychic powers, you can not be afraid of the consequences. You may foresee a future event when you least expect it, but that’s part of the experience, so embrace the gift you have been given. If you consider the good you can do with this kind of gift, it might not seem so scary.

Maintain a Positive Attitude All the Time

Do what you need to do, in order to feel happy with your life. This can mean taking time out for yourself, or finding a hobby that you can enjoy. Anything to keep a smile on your face! Stress and negativity get in the way of meditation, which will help turn your focus to your inner eye. You must feel spiritually free, before you can improve your psychic abilities; you have to let go of your worries before moving into a deeper state of consciousness.

To Improve Your Psychic Skills, Practice With Objects with a History You Don’t Know

Hold these objects until you get a strong feeling, really try to sense their past. Relax, and feel for as long as you need to. Can you sense anything about the history of these items, or anything about their owners? Don’t force it, just hold the item, and feel. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to perform, and steer clear of frustration if you don’t feel anything. Not every object has an interesting story.

Hone Your Remote Viewing Abilities

Remote viewing is the psychic ability to visit places mentally, without being there physically. Practice by imagining each place you wish to visit. Any familiar place from the grocery store or your best friend’s house will work. Imagine you are at that location before going to sleep, note the people, objects, and colors you will see in your dream. Write down your dreams to keep them fresh in your mind, then take note of which dream images match when you really go there.

Practice Telepathy by Trying to Read the Thoughts of Others

Practice by guessing what people are thinking, or have someone draw pictures or select random playing cards, then try to correctly guess the images. You can also try communicating your thoughts to others in complete silence. Keep doing these exercises daily. Telepathy will take deep, silent cfocus at first, and can take years to develop, but it becomes easier and more reliable with time and practice.


Anything worth having is worth earning, so practice when ever possible, and wherever you go. It might take a while before you hone your skills to perfection. Even if your psychic abilities don’t develop for years, trust they will surface. Believe in yourself! Finally, remember that psychic abilities are given to those who deserve them, and they can be taken away just as easily. Always use your gifts for the greater good of all.

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