Psychologists & Philosophers Agree: Relationships are the Key to Happiness

There is one thing psychologists and philosophers from all over the world, agree to be critical for long lasting happiness. They all agree that strong relationships, whether that is a childhood friend, family members or a romantic partner, are the key to happiness. The value of relationships are underestimated in our modern society, especially relationships that were established during childhood.

People today are often focused on the betterment of the self, and ironically, this often results in the opposite outcome of what they were seeking. When someone is mindful of the food they eat, exercise and meditation, they can jump to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with thosee who don’t live in the same way; because of this assumption, they see most people as a possible negative influence. They may cut “negative people” out of their lives, not placing enough value on their relationships, not realizing that those relationships are the key to their happiness.

When you allow someone else to share their world, and you share yours, parts of your worlds can merge, expanding both of your worlds. Both of you can become more than you would have been alone. Strong relationships can show us there is something beyond the 3D world, that there are connections that can defy time and space, relying solely on love.

We have a need for belonging, for support, and more importantly, we have a need to give support, to feel a deeper level of happiness. The strong relationships we have established give us the opportunity for this. If you want real happiness, focus your energy on improving your relationships, with the people that really matter to you.

Instead of focusing soley on bettering yourself, perhaps you should focus some energy on strengthening the relationships you have with other people. What’s the point of bettering yourself, if you have no one to share it with, especially the people who should have meaning to you.

Through your relationships, you’ll show people a better way, and they will be inspired to better themselves too. You won’t be just happier with stronger relationships, your life will also have much more meaning, because your world will expand, and your relationships will grow bigger than the people your world includes.

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