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Some say, Soulmates are sent by God, and sometimes, a soulmates’ only purpose is to challenge us, to trigger us to find the answers we have about ourselves and our life, our personal growth. You may simply attract the person you currently need to grow spiritually. When that growth is accomplished, they may leave. Soulmates test us, to challenge us to grow, both spiritually, and in this material world.

A twin flame shares half of the same soul with you; according to the theory, twin flames were once a single soul, which split in half, to later be reunited. Does a twin flame test you, the same way as a soul mate test you? Your twin flame will have the opposite personality traits; if you are calm and compassionate, they may be volatile and judgemental, so yes, there will be challenges! The goal is to learn from one another, and use your opposing strengths to create an advanced whole. Learn more about your personal relationships here.

Numerology for Soul Mate & Twin Flame Compatibility Test

Test the love and compatibility between two people by entering their names below, and then calculate. Find out the truth about the compatibility of your soulmate and twin flame relationships.

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Simple 10 Question Soul Mate Quiz and Twin Flame Test

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