Elemental Correspondences

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Masculine correspondence is strong and active. Use for protection, purification, hex-breaking, exorcism, lust, sexual potency, health, strength, courage, and financial success.

Feminine correspondence is subtler and softer. Use to attract love, increase beauty, youth, healing, develop psychic abilities, increase fertility, draw wealth, promote happiness and peace, aid sleep and cause visions.


Earth- A Feminine element
Direction- north
Color- green
Elemental beings- gnomes
Elemental animals- the wolf, owl, dragon, stag, and wild
Stones- onyx, jade, amethyst, and flourite
Earth rules spells and rituals dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology and nature, and stability.

Air- A Masculine element
Direction- east
Color- yellow
Elemental beings- sylphs
Elemental animals- the dove, fox, deer, and turtle
Stones- moonstone, tourquoise, and rhodochrosite
Air rules spells and rituals dealing with memory and intellect, test taking, divination and psychic ability, travel, and overcoming addictions.

Fire- A Masculine element
Direction- south
Color- red
Elemental beings- salamanders
Elemental animals- the porcupine, coyote, fox, squirrel, hawk, mouse, deer, bear, and snakes.
Stones- amber, citrine, smoky crystals, gold, and copper.
Fire rules spells and rituals dealing with success, sex, illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, and energy.

Water- A Feminine element
Direction- west
Elemental beings- undines and mermaids
Elemental animals- all sea mammals and sea birds, fish, night creatures, and the raven.
Stones- silver, river rocks, amethyst, coral, seashells, and rainbow colored crystals.
Water rules spells and rituals dealing with love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance and purification.

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