Dream Meanings

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Although we go to sleep in order to rest and restore ourselves, our minds are often hard at work as we sleep. Dreaming is a state of consciousness, in which our minds create images and stories during sleep. While a few people might have some measure of control over their dreams (called lucid dreaming) most of us are simply going along for the ride. Dreaming can take us through a variety of experiences and emotions, from the ordinary, such as a dream about walking down a street, or running through your to-do list, to the bizarre, funny, or frightening.

dream analysis
While we don’t remember most of our dreams, those that we do remember often have are otherworldly. Dream reality is very different from waking reality, and scenarios that make perfect sense within a dream can seem very strange upon awakening. While dreams may seem strange and nonsensical in the light of day, they often hold hidden truths and deep insight. Dreams are messages from our subconscious minds, that reveal psychic insights not necessarily based in direct experience, reason, or logic.

Paying attention to our dreams can be very helpful in developing both our psychic abilities and our understanding of our true self. Keeping a dream journal is a very goof practice; recording every remembered detail of a dream, either with a voice recorder or in a blank book that is kept beside your bed. Over time, keeping a journal of your dreams can reveal important messages for transformation along the path of your life’s journey.

Common Themes in Dreams


Trains are a classic, and many people hold a romanticized view of trains. If you dream about a train, you may be fantasizing about making a romantic connection with someone special. Train stations can indicate important decisions that you need to make; which train will you choose, and which direction will you take? If a train or train station appears in your dream, consider whether there is a choice you need to make about where your life is headed.


Nearly everyone has had the classic nude dream, a dream in which you are going about your day, only to look down and realize that you are naked. When you dream about being naked, you may feel shocked, and ashamed of your nudity, or you might feel proud, sexy, and powerful. The emotion evoked by your nakedness is the key to dsicovering the message from your subconscious. You may be working through a fear of how others see you, or guilt about something you’ve done. Alternately, your dream may be about you coming into your own inner power. A powerful, positive dream about being nude can signify you may win a contest or competition. If you dream about swimming nude, it could mean you will be tempted into a forbidden sexual relationship that might not end well.

Dreaming about seeing someone else naked can also have a variety of meanings; you may be tempted to act against your own principles and morals, or, if the dream is about spying on others swimming in clear water, it could mean you will be the object of admiration. If you dream of seeing someone swimming nude in murky water, it could signify that someone is spreading gossip about you.


Since most of us are exposed daily to celebrities on TV, movies and magazines, it’s no wonder we often dream about celebrities at night. A dream about a particular celebrity may reveal that you have a desire to be famous, or, that you have a longing to pursue your heart’s desire. If don’t have the confidence to follow your true calling, you may dream about meeting a celebrity, or about becoming one. Your subconscious mind is encouraging you to move toward your goals. A dream about a certain celebrity might also simply be an indulgence in fantasy.


Dreams about running are common, and can have a wide variety of meanings. If you dream that you are running, but that you stumble and fall, or that you are running away from a threat, it indicates you are afraid of losing something important. Dreams like this may also mean you will suffer a blow to your reputation. If you dream you are running alone, it could mean you have outgrown your current friends, that you have become more successful than they are. Running with friends, on the other hand, shows a state of prosperity and happiness in your life. If you dream about seeing others running, it could mean you are concerned about a friend getting into trouble.


Keys are a symbol of power, and the right of entry into life’s secrets. Thus, if you dream that you’ve lost your keys, it means you’re feeling excluded from something you wish to be a part of. It could also mean that you are confused about how to solve a certain problem in your life, and you don’t feel confident that you’ll solve it. If, on the other hand, you dream about finding keys that you previously lost, it can mean that you’re feeling a flush of personal power, and a consciousness of your own destiny. Another variation on keys is discovering a key that you don’t recognize, one that fits a mysterious, unknown lock. This type of dream indicates that you’re searching for ways to explore a new relationship, expand your own potential, or tap into a previously undiscovered talent.

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