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Chakra Balance Test Free Android App

Curious about the future? Click here to receive a 10 minute psychic reading from Psychic Source. Chakra Balance Test This is a very simple, yet effective Chakra Balance test app. First, you answer questions about your mental and emotional state, then click a button to find out how your chakras are balanced. Then you may […]

Angel Puzzle Free Android App

Get 3 Free Minutes with a compassionate psychic reader, and 50% Off the Rest of Your Session Angel Puzzle A relaxing and spiritual meditation! The twenty beautiful classic Angels, broken up and spun around into tap puzzle pieces. Easy and hard levels. Just tap the pieces to spin them into place, while celestial Angels sing […]

Get This Website as a Free Android App!

Live Video Consultation with Claairvoyant Energy Worker Gisela. Wejee’s Online Divination Download this entire website as an easy Android app! Have our fun do-it-yourself online readings at your fingertips, as well as connections to our favorite live psychic readers. Simply click here to go to the Google Play store for it! We are a participant […]

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Magickal Herb Free Android App

Get up to 10 minutes free. Start your free psychic reading now! Magical Herbs App A list of 81 herbs to be used for healing and in Wiccan magick spells. Features: • Lists correspondences for each herb • Suggested ways to use herbs • Linked to eBay for hard to find herbs • Linked to […]

Crystal and Gemstone Free Android App

Special offer from Life Reader. First call, just 19 cents per minute. Crystal and Gemstone App The meanings and metaphysical uses of 53 crystals and gemstones, including chakra crystals, astrological gemstones, and an alphabetical listing of metaphysical properties. Features: • Why gemstones are healing • How to clear crystals • How to program crystals • […]

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