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The Signs of Synchronicity You Should Never Ignore

MOBILE – Free Psychic Reading, 3 Free Minutes! Sometimes small occurrences, that many consider just a mere coincidence, are actually synchronicities. For example, you were planning on calling good friend, and just as you are thinking about it, that friend calls you. You may wonder how was this possible? You must understand that synchronicity is […]

7 Signs You’re Receiving Spiritual Messages You Shouldn’t Ignore

Get 3 Free Minutes, and 50% Off the Rest of Your Session Your mind not only produces thoughts, but it acts as a receiver too. Cosmic information is all around us, and in fact, we are pieces of this Cosmic information. Everything comes from the same source; you, the Earth, the Cosmos, and everything is […]

The Spiritual Message of Butterflies

Get Love Answers. Chat Live Now! Butterflies are magical creatures, they float by us, so ethereal and fragile, appearing much like fairies dancing on the air. But these beautiful insects do more than pollinate flowers and look pretty; they can serve as light hearted spiritual messengers, both figuratively and literally. Butterfly as a Spiritual Metaphor […]

Reincarnation: How To Remember Your Past Lives

Find out what your future holds with a psychic reading from Psychic Source. Get a 10 minute reading for only $10. If reincarnation is real, then why don’t we remember our past lives? There’s the possibility that our forgetfulness is due to “divine mercy”. Could our simple minds process all the memories, both from this […]

9 Steps To Lucid Dreaming

To contact a live New Age Spirituality reader click here! Some people think they never dream, simply because they don’t remember their dreams; but the truth is, everyone dreams. Researchers published findings in the Journal of Sleep Research, proving that people who think they don’t dream do dream. The researchers concluded that dreaming is universal, […]

The Subtle Signs of Your Guardian Angel

When will you find love? Find out with a psychic reading from Psychic Source. 10 minutes for only $10. If you’re fortunate, an angel may be reaching out to you. It’s important to the angels that they don’t frighten us, and at the beginning, their approach can be very subtle. As incidents of angel contact […]

15 Ways to Recognize Spirit Guidance

Spiritual Guidance from a top-rated advisor. Click here now. Below are some key questions you can ask yourself when you think you may be receiving spiritual guidance. Keep in mind, a “yes” to a single one of these questions is adequate. And don’t interpret your answers to these questions literally, use these questions as a […]

Feeling the Vibe: 5 Ways To Read Emotional Energy

Curious about the future? Click here to receive a 10 minute psychic reading from Psychic Source. Emotions are an expression of our energy, our “vibe”. We “feel the vibe” with our intuition, some people feel good to be around, and other people are draining, and you want to get away from them. You can feel […]

8 Ways To Unlock Your Intuition

Find out if he’s the one! Go to for a free compatibility profile. Intuitive Guidance from a top-rated advisor There are times when we feel like we might be contacted by some higher power, something that has a message for us. All of us had that experience at least once in life, and most […]

What Is Astral Projection & How Can You Achieve It?

Get a Pet Psychic Reading Now. You go to bed, shut your eyes, and suddenly, you open your eyes to find you’re hovering over your body! You’re conscious, but it’s not the physical body you typically identify with, but it’s the “real you”, your soul. As you look down at your body, and you realize […]