The Past Life Source of Twin Flame and Soul Mate Relationships

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twin flames and soul mates

What is a Past Life Love?

If you have experienced a relationship, which causes you to say to yourself, “I’ve never felt this way with anyone before”, this could be a sign of a past-life connection. But please consider, just because you have had a past life with someone, doesn’t mean they will be the best romantic partner in this life.

You will feel this strong connection very early on, and the physical chemistry between you will be very intense. Bu this strong connection and physical attraction is not a sign you are meant to be together romantically in this lifetime. The chemistry you feel could be a buildup of spiritual energy between your two souls, over several lifetimes.

Have I Met My Soul Mate?

We make soul agreements before we are born, to have long and productive relationships with certain people in this life. Soul mates can be friends, teachers, family members or romantic partners. We can have more than one romantic soul mate during our lifetime, or we may have a few, who appear at the predestined and appropriate times in our life. If you have a romantic soul mate, treasure them.

A soul mate feel like home; they make you feel like you belong, and accept you, with all your faults and issues. Soul mates will stick together through the good times, and the hard times. Soul mates should not only support you, but also challenge you, to bring out your best.

What is a Twin Flame?

The theory is that each soul has a “twin”. This twin will be the yin to your yang; so if you are a pessimist, your twin flame will have a strong sense of optimism. Twin flames will trigger each other, bringing aspects that are in the shadow into the light. For instance, if you have abandonment issues that have manifest in codependence, your twin flame will be very independent, triggering your abandonment issues, and bringing it to the surface for healing.

The concept of twin flames can make you believe there is only one person, who will be able to fulfill you romantically. But don’t let the concept of a “perfect” twin flame cause you to not to get out into the real world, and date. Perfect relationships do not exist, and believing that they do can be self-sabotaging. You don’t need anyone to complete you, or your soul. We can believe the idea that a perfect romantic partner is our “other half,” and the answer to all our prayers, but that is not true!

What Can You Learn from Relationships That Don’t Work Out?

Have you ever dated someone for a few months, or even a few years, and later wondered to yourself, “What was that all about? What if I had just called it quits after our second date?” Many times when a relationship ends, you knew from the beginning that something was “off”, or “not right”.

Look at these relationships not as a mistake, or a waste of time, but as “teachable moments.” There are always lessona to be learned from a relationship. Honor your feelings, stand up for yourself, get over your fear of being alone, and be willing to wait for something better.

If you’ve recently left a relationship, and have no clue as to why you got in or stayed in that relationship, take out your journal, and ask yourself questions like, “Was there a subconscious pattern to this relationship?” “What was I looking for, or what problem was I trying to solve with this person?” “What did I learn from this relationship, that I will use in my next relationship?”” What was my real motivation for staying in this relationship?” “What made it hard for me to walk away from this relationship?” “Who was I trying to please?”

How to Partner with the Universe With Your Love Life

You can always ask the Universe for a sign, and ask for guidance to find a compatible partner, or even to improve your current relationship. Don’t believe you are “destined” to be alone. If you are happy being single, that’s great. But if you’d like to be in a relationship, know that there is someone out there for you. The universe will give you as many chances at romance as we are willing to take!

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The Truth About Telepathy With Your Twin Flame

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It is said that Twin Flames share a single spirit, that vibrates at a much higher frequency when they are together. This shared spiritual energy is what creates telepathy together, allowing them to intuitively feel the others energy, to know what they are thinking, dreaming and desiring. This telepathy is the expression of a spiritual energy vibration, created by the merging of Twin Souls, that will grow deeper, and stronger, as their unconditional and spiritual love for one another grows.

There are many different ways that soul mates and twin flames share telepathic energy, and when ever our soul mate or twin flame comes into our life, we instantly recognize them, by their unique spiritual energy signature. We can feel a fluttering deep in our heart, when we sense their presence. You can feel their energy embrace you, when you finally meet.

Twin flames can share the same dreams, and many twin flames can develop a psychic connection with their twin soul, even before they meet them. It’s not easy to be away from your twin flame, and they can feel each other’s energy, their feelings, even when apart, regardless of where they are in their lives.

The reunion with your twin flame can only happen, when you experience the love of your own inner twin, the energy of your twin flame, as if you are one spirit together. Never deny or block the truth of your twin soul connection, and you will find it, sooner than you think!

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How to Know If You Have a Cosmic Connection With Someone

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There is a complex web of connection between everything in the universe; this includes not only the events of our lives, but also the people we encounter in life. These people can play an important role in teaching us lessons, and guiding us along our individual journeys.

To better understand this, first recognize the difference between the material plane, and the spiritual realms. Our souls know how we fit into the complex puzzle, but, this knowledge isn’t always available to us during our time in the material world.

Cosmic connections are people who come into your life specifically to guide and lead us along our highest path. They may be positive people that inspire and motivate you, or people who are difficult to deal with, teaching us valuable lessons about ourselves. These connections were chosen by our souls, while in the spiritual realm, and each relationship has its own special purpose in our lives.

How, then, do you know if someone is a chance meeting, or a cosmic connection entering your life?

They Motivate and Inspire Us

Often, someone comes into our lives, who is living an aspect of life, in a way that we should aspire to. When we see that they can live the dream life, it is a reminder that we too can achieve that lifestyle, if we only focus and work towards it. They help us remember that anything is possible.

They Help Us Slow Down

The material plane can be a whirlwind of information, often sweeping us up, into the flow. If we aren’t mindful, we can be swept off our spiritual path. These connections can help us to stop, slow down, and make more conscious decisions in our lives.

They Teach Us Through Hard Times

Not all the lessons from our cosmic connections will be inspirational and joyful experiences. There are some connections that come into our lives to force us out of our comfort zone, and challenge us to examine ourselves, and that’s not an easy process. When kind words and motivation won’t compel us forward, sometimes we need a kick.

They Disrupt Our Routine

When a cosmic connection comes into our lives, the focus is not on the mundane routine on the material plane, but rather, the overall journey. They will shake up life as we know it, forcing us to reconsider the way that we are currently living.

They Help to Open Our Hearts

When you are overwhelmed by the material world, you easily fall into the trap of closing off your heart. To continue on our spiritual journey, and find our place in the universe, we must open our hearts to the higher purpose behind every experience.

They Remind us of Our Purpose

We are placed on this earth with a spiritual purpose, but that purpose can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. It can take a close, instant, cosmic connection coming suddenly into our lives, to remind us of who we really are on the spiritual level.

They are Healers

There can be no greater obstacle on our spiritual journey, than the pain of our past. Some cosmic connections are brought into our lives with the purpose of healing our souls, allowing us to face and overcome past experiences, and move forward with greater confidence.

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10 Signs You Are Walking Your Highest Path

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Are you on the right path? The the path that will lead you to realizing your highest purpose?

Some are bumpy, some are smooth, some roads are sunny and some are dark. Whatever road you find yourself on, the road you are on reflects your current level of consciousness.

Your highest path, is the path that is going to help you reach the fullest expression of your being. There are a few things you need to understand about the journey of life, before you can answer the question of whether or not you are on the right road.

You Are Not Compromising Yourself

When walking your highest path, you give up doing things to please others, and instead start doing things that better you, as a person. This does not mean you don’t comprise to get along with others, but your compromises will come from a more conscious place.

When you are on your highest path, you are aligned with your soul, and what your soul has come here to accomplish. You can not compromise this, and still be on your highest path.

You Just Know

If you question whether or not you are walking your highest path, you are probably not on the right path. When you are walking your highest path, you can feel it. There is a feeling that walking this path allows you to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

People often think that their highest path will be a big, grand highway, but it can be a subtle and gentle dirt road as well. Walking your highest path is an unmistakable feeling, and your listening to you heart will give you the answer.

You Can Handle Life’s Difficulties

Your highest path doesn’t protect you from the challenges of life; if you are on your highest path, when challenges do happen, there is an underlying faith that everything will working out perfectly.

When you are on your highest path, there is an underlying feeling of acceptance and understanding. Even when things are difficult, if you are on your highest path, your awareness sees the bigger picture, and views things from a more purposeful place.

You Are Not Afraid to Be You

If you are on your highest path, there will be a feeling of self confidence, and acceptance of who you are, and the gifts you need to bring to the world. You may feel passionate about what you do, and fulfilled by the decisions you make in life.

When you can fully appreciate and acknowledge your Self, it will allow you to make decisions from a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to walk the path of your highest self.

You Have a Belief in Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you walk your highest path, you may feel a connection to something bigger than just you. When you are on your highest path, you are in sync with your soul, and the heart beat of the Universe, allowing you to access Divine realms, and be in continuous contact with your intuition.

When you believe in something bigger than yourself, you will feel supported on your journey, and that your journey has a larger purpose than you can understand yourself.

You are Always Learning

When you are on your highest path, you will have a curiosity about life, and a desire to continually learn, grow and expand. When you are on your highest path, you may feel the desire to travel, volunteer or dedicate your time to helping other people.

You Feel Connected and Grateful

When you are on your highest path, you will experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the experiences and people that cross your path.

When you are on your highest path, you will understand that we are all connected, and that your energy is one thread of a larger tapestry, and that we all are working on over several lifetimes and incarnations, to achieve our higher purpose.

You Witness Miracles

When you are on your highest path, miracles will start to unfold around you. When you are on your highest path, you will become aware of the little, everyday miracles, such as the blossoming of a flower.

Your thoughts and intentions will manifest quickly, and your life may be full of synchronicities that are just too mysterious to understand.

Your intuitive senses may also gain strength, and your body may also heal faster than it did before.

You Meet Your Soulmates

When you walk your highest path, you are more likely to meet soulmates, that are here to support you on your journey. These special souls can be teachers, lovers or friends. No matter how they come into your life, when you are walking your highest path, the people you are around reflect that.

Also, old friends drift away, and new people may come into your life that are more aligned with where you are at vibrationally.

You Keep Growing in Consciousness

Just as you are changing, so too will your highest path. If you don’t keep up with the changes on your path, it will throw you off course. This is normal, and it may take time, and a new level of consciousness, to find your way on your highest path again.

Your highest path is a feeling, and not an external destination. No matter what is happening in your life, walking your highest path is a feeling that we can all achieve, when we start to realize our own potential.

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3 Signs of a Lost Soul

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Lost souls are people who have lost touch with their spiritual sideand have blocked their intuition. They don’t try to look within for answers, they simply take everything at face value. A lost soul is blocked from the potential guidance they could recieve from the universe. The lives of lost souls are often complicated, and they can be sad and angry, because they don’t have an understanding of what they are going through.

You will meet many lost souls along your way in life, and they can be very frustrating to deal with, as they can be very negative, and can interact with others in a very disconcerting way. Have sympathy towards them, because they may need more love than they are letting on. Lost souls are starving for love. Without love and acceptance, they will continue being and feeling lost.

There are a few signs to know if you are dealing with a lost soul, or may be one yourself.


Lost souls tend to become defensive; they are dependent on their egos, so they want to make sure that they are always right. Even if you try to give a friendly advice, they will take it the wrong way, and feel that you are criticizing them.

Instead of arguing with them, just accept their lack of enthusiasm about the advice you give them. Even if you are tempted to argue, know that you will never win anyway.

Lost souls block out advice from their inner-selves, so it’s likely they will block out what you would say too. The moment that they feel threatened about what you are telling them, they will just close you off.

Closed Minds

Many lost souls feel that the people they meet are all the same, they don’t want to accept that all people are different. They are unable to give love to other people, they only able to give their love to those that can feed their egos, and will make them feel good about themselves.

You will meet a lot of lost souls that are very intolerant of things that consider to be the outside norm. There are also lost souls who show hostility towards people who have different political or religious views.

If you encounter a lost soul who is saying offensive things towards others, tell them that you are bothered by it, but do not argue with the person. Just walk away.

Lost Souls Make The Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

There are times when we experience hardships in life, and we understand and realize our mistakes, but lost souls never learn. They will make the same mistakes over and over again.

Some lost souls will go from one relationship to another, and they will experience the same relationship, and the same sadness and disappointment all over and over again.

They are not trying to hurt themselves, they are trying to fill in the emptiness they are feeling. They don’t know what they should do, because they have shut off themselves off from the powers of the universe.

Never belittle their experience, because you will never understand the pain and emptiness they are feeling, unless you are a lost soul yourself. Even if you try your best to understand, don’t let yourself get pulled into the emptiness of their lives. It is always their choice to live the way that they do, you can’t do anything to change it.

The only thing that you can do to make a lost souls feel better, is to accept them for who they are. If they were able to realize that they can open themselves up to the universe, things would change for them tremendously, and they might try saving other lost souls that they will meet along the way.

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The Signs of Synchronicity You Should Never Ignore

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Sometimes small occurrences, that many consider just a mere coincidence, are actually synchronicities. For example, you were planning on calling good friend, and just as you are thinking about it, that friend calls you. You may wonder how was this possible?

You must understand that synchronicity is a function of our interconnectedness with the rest of the world. Those who are highly interconnected will consciously experience these subtle occurrences where things seem to perfectly align, such as a friend calling you before you called.

Synchronicity is related to the point where everything is connected in a unique and mysterious way. It’s easy to dismiss these odd occurrences as coincidence, but now you know that there is something else that is at work.

Signs of synchronicity that you may not recognize.

You have a song stuck in your head, or you are thinking of a certain song, and then it plays on the radio or TV. Take a deeper look at that song, for any meaning it may have for your life. Does it answer a question?

Seeing a pattern of numbers in the clock. For example, 11:11, 12:12, 12:34, 22:22. Any set of numbers will only last for 60 seconds at the most, but somehow, every time you look, the clock is on this brief period of time. As a clear manifestation of synchronicity, repeating numbers hide a deeper message from the spiritual world, and can reveal hidden secrets.

If you have had a big decision or question in your life, and you suddenly realize that the universe is giving you hints about what decision you should make. The universe is trying to help you make the decision through synchronicity.

You meet random people who somehow have the best answers or advice for your problems. You may not even explained it to them, but their answer will be what you need.

You were thinking of buying something for yourself, but someone gifts it to you, just at the right moment, even though you never told them about it.

These are just a few examples, to give you an idea of what synchronicity is. There could many other occurrences in your daily life that could be termed synchronicity. You can pay attention to those occurrences, and can share them with others, so they can help you to interpret or understand the signs of the universe.

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7 Essentials to an Evolutionary Relationship

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We are facing a crisis; the sacred power of love within the human soul is being diverted and distracted by ignorance, by greed, and by the pursuit of power, so that it can never cleanse and transform the world.

An evolutionary relationship is a relationship that helps us come into the realness of our world, take responsibility for it, and pursue our sacred purpose with a partner. When two lovers come together in this dynamic, loving consciousness, they will create a transformational field of sacred, loving energy, which will feed and inspire their work in reality.

There are seven essentials for this tremendously powerful form of evolutionary love to grow.

A Devotion to the Divine

It is essential that both partners need to be individually involved in a deep and passionate devotion to the Divine, because without both people centering their life in the Divine, the relationship will not be able to escape the ordinary. From the very beginning, the relationship must be centered in the Divine.

The relationship must be undertaken in the conscious presence of the Divine, for the Divine’s great work in the Universe to manifest. Only a relationship that is centered in this higher power, and that has the Divine as the primary factor in the relationship, will be able to withstand the challenges of life of spiritual service in the world.

A Mastery of Solitude

Good boundaries are a necessity, as is an ability to be alone with one’s self. They realize the ability of solitude is the source of inner revelation and inner wealth; they understand that the work of solitude, and the work that goes into solitude, the deep contemplation of one’s gifts and one’s faults, is sacred, and the secret foundation of a healthy relationship.

In many relationships, what is the most threatening is the solitude of the other. In an evolutionary relationship, what can fulfill one partner the most is the other’s solitude, because they understand that this solitude has the potential to create a wealth of generosity, insight, and creativity.

An Equality of Power

In a true evolutionary relationship, there is an equality of power, an equality born of a profound acknowledgment of the dignity and sacredness of the other’s soul. One is not the beloved, and the other only the lover. Both partners see in each other the face of the Divine, bringing the essence of divine truth, embodied as love. This gifts each person with the energy, freedom and joy, that they need to go out into the world and fulfill their destiny.

A Sacred Becoming

If you are going to have an equality of power in a relationship, you must center your entire being, work and evolution into the center of the Divine. You must master your own solitude, so that you can deepen that sacred relationship to the Divine. Also bring the sacred practice of meditationand prayer into the core of your life, so that the relationship can unfold in a mutually shared sacred experience.

An Acceptance of the Shadow

Both lovers must abandon any Hollywood sentimentality about what a relationship actually is. As your love becomes more evolved and conscious, so will each lover’s understanding of the other’s shadow. This can take an immense effort; it takes an immense effort to understand your own shadow, and an even greater effort to face and understand, without denial, illusion or repulsion, the shadow of another.

Death and Rebirth

If you are entering the evolutionary process, you must accept that it is never ending, and never stops unfolding. Evolution is fundamentally a cycle of death and rebirth, that repeats itself into higher and higher dimensions, and anyone involved in an authentic evolutionary relationship, must have the courage to go through the deaths and the rebirths the relationship will go through.

A Collective Consciousness

You must make a commitment for the relationship to not to be just a personal cultivation of pleasure. You must engage consciously in this relationship, to make both you and your partner stronger, to serve the planet, to recognize that the relationship is grounded in the Divine. That from the very beginning, the relationship has been dedicated to making both partners more powerful, more reflective, and more passionately engaged with their higher purpose to serve the Divine.

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5 Things You Can’t Hide From An Empath

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Empaths are special, because they can read other people, and understand their feelings and emotions much better than most; it’s nearly impossible to hide your feelings from an empath, they have the ability to see right through you. An empath knows if someone is fake or dishonest. So even if you think you have fooled an empath, they usually know the truth, but may not tell you that they know the truth.

Empaths are very sensitive, but this should not be seen as a weakness. Always think twice, if you want to try to hide something from an empath.

Below is a list of 5 things you should never try to hide from an empath, because they will know the truth immediately.

Your Motives

Empaths will know if you are doing something for the right or wrong reason. There’s no point in trying to fool an empath, because they will see right through it. Be completely honest, and tell them about your real situation. They will probably, understand, try to help you.

A Gift With Bad Intentions

If you try to give an empath a gift to make up for something you have done, or to ask for a favor, they will may see it as a bribe. Only give an empath gifts with sincere intention, and never hope to get something back.

Your Real Emotions

If you are feeling depressed, but put on a happy face, many may be fooled by that, but not an empath. They will always know if you are stressed or feeling depressed. Even if you do not want to be a burden, don’t try to fool them with a happy mask. It will be easier to be yourself, and show your real emotions, because they can help you, and give you their support.

Lying About Something

Even the best liars will act differently when they are lying. Most people will not notice this subtle body language, but an empath will. You may get away with a little lie, but when it comes to the important things, don’t try lying to empaths. The lie will always come out.

Going Behind Their Back

The only time this would be acceptable, is a surprise birthday party, but probably even this secret will come out before the actual surprise can take place. If you have bad intentions, and try to go behind an empath’s back, there will be a terrible backlash, and will regret that behavior for a long time.

Real empaths are rare, so if you have someone in your life, who can read you better than anyone else, then value that relationship with honesty. Respect their gift. It is not easy to find compassionate people, who understand you completely, so appreciate that.

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7 Signs You’re Receiving Spiritual Messages You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Your mind not only produces thoughts, but it acts as a receiver too. Cosmic information is all around us, and in fact, we are pieces of this Cosmic information. Everything comes from the same source; you, the Earth, the Cosmos, and everything is connected energetically to everything else.

The way we live our lives can push us away from our Cosmic purpose, and that is why, the Cosmic Intelligence will send us messages, to guide us back towards our life’s purpose. Sometimes, these Cosmic messages can lead us to revolutionary ideas the world hasn’t yet seen.

We all receive Cosmic Information from time to time, but many people are not aware when these messages come into their lives, and most get ignored. Here is how to know when you are receiving Cosmic Information.


According to some, your soul goes into another dimension while you dream. This is the dream world, a world between your unconscious mind, and everyday reality. In this world, you can receive important messages from your own subconsciousness, and from the Cosmic Intelligence. Dreams in which you receive new ideas, insights and advice about things you couldn’t possibly know, are a sure sign of Cosmic Information.

A Sudden Inspiration

An inspiration is a signal to do something, or to create something, and usually comes when you start scratching at the surface of a subject you have a strong interest in. Sudden inspiration is a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information, ans you’re receiving mental stimulation to do something that will lead you back to your life’s purpose.

Gravitating Towards an Idea

You may be conversing with your friends, or day dreaming with your own thoughts, but whatever you do, there is a certain idea that keeps coming up. This is a sure sign Cosmic Intelligence wants to steer your attention towards something you need to focus on.

A Subconscious Sign

You are watching a movie, when you suddenly hear something that answers a question you’ve been concerned with, or you hear a song with a message you needed to hear. You could see a street sign or bumper sticker that resonates with something you’ve been wondering about. All these examples, and more, are ways the Cosmic Intelligence is guiding your subconsciousness mind to communicate with you.

A Surge of Emotion

Cosmic Information does not only come as thought, sometimes the information is abstract and emotional. This kind of information can give you the deepest answers you need. A sudden surge of emotions, usually followed by a sense of motivation and clarity, is a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information.


Geometry is the language of The Universe, and there are certain shapes that hold powerful messages for each person. Having a certain shape appearing again and again in your life, is a sign there is a message you need to understand. Numbers, shapes, and even letters, are all geometry, and anything that reappears should be carefully considered.


Feeling love, not for any particular person or thing, but for everything around you, is one of the highest states you can be in. This is the state in which your body’s receptors for Cosmic Light are activated, enabling you to absorb the Cosmic Energy, and receive its information, upgrading your DNA.

Coming to this state of unconditional love sometimes happens suddenly, and you don’t even know why, you just feel like you love everyone and everything. This is a sure sign you are receiving Cosmic Information!

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The Spiritual Message of Butterflies

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Butterflies are magical creatures, they float by us, so ethereal and fragile, appearing much like fairies dancing on the air. But these beautiful insects do more than pollinate flowers and look pretty; they can serve as light hearted spiritual messengers, both figuratively and literally.

Butterfly as a Spiritual Metaphor

When you consider the butterfly and its life cycle, it can have a lot of spiritual meaning. Starting as an egg, the butterfly hatches into a caterpillar. The next stage is hibernation and transformation, when the caterpillar becomes a cocoon, or pupa. Finally, at the dawn of spring, a magnificent butterfly will emerge, in all its winged glory.

The butterfly can serve as a spiritual metaphor for the soul’s journey; the metamorphosis of the butterfly representing spiritual transformation. We start out life as a simple soul, learning to function in the world. Much like the caterpillar, we crawl through life in our day to day activities, searching for a deeper meaning.

As we go on an inner journey to connect with our inner self, it is much like wrapping ourself in a cocoon. We study spiritual truths, meditate, and pray, turning our focus inwards. At some point, we will be ready to emerge, and show our true self to the world. Much like the butterfly, we will spread our wings and fly.

Butterflies have a short life span, living for only a week or two. (But some species, such the Monarch, can live up to six months.) This too serves as a remind us, that even though we live much longer than the butterfly, life is fleeting, and time moves quickly.

We often do not realize when the years just slip by, and butterflies can teach us to enjoy the present moment, and make the most of our time on earth. They also can remind us that death is just another form of transformation, when we will spread our angel wings, and fly into another dimension.

Butterflies as a Spiritual Messenger

It’s hard to ignore a butterfly’s presence, and angels often communicate with us through butterflies; when a butterfly appears, it could be your guardian angel sending you a message, so consider it an important one.

A departed loved one can also speak through a butterfly, and many people will see butterflies shortly after a loved one’s death.

In fact there’s an old Irish saying, “Butterflies are souls of the dead, waiting to pass through purgatory.” Some may see the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection, while others see it as the essence of the deceased’s soul. Either way, butterflies can serve as an important spiritual messenger, and it is up to you to decide the true meaning of the message.

Butterfly as a Power Animal

Power animals are highly prized in shamanic cultures, especially Native Americans. Each power animal has special qualities and strengths, that can teach us a better way to live. Butterfly as a power animal represents freedom, joy, change and creativity. The transformative power of butterfly is also symbolized as shape shifting and soul evolution.

When you see a butterfly in reality, or in your dreams, it could be a power animal message. Stop for a moment, and take a look at what’s going on in your life; is it time to make a change? Are you already undergoing a life transformation? If so, butterfly as a power animal will give you the strength to move on. Butterfly also reminds you to enjoy the creativity and freedom you have, and not to take life too seriously. A group of butterflies can indicate the same message, but more urgently.

The next time a butterfly crosses you path, take heed from this special, spiritual messenger. You are meant to receive a message of great importance.

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